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Unlock the Joy of Parenthood with Nanny Recruitment

Finding the perfect Childcare solution

Finding the right nanny for your family can be a daunting task. You want someone who is not only qualified and experienced, but also a perfect fit for your unique childcare needs. That's where as a nanny agency in London, Tailored Staff can be a valuable partner. With our expertise and resources, we can help you find the perfect nanny candidates suitable for the nanny job, ensuring a harmonious fit between the nanny and your family.

Whether you are looking for a full-time, part-time, or live-in nanny, we have the expertise to find the perfect candidate for your family's childcare needs.

To support families with their new addition to the family we also offer maternity nanny recruitment, to support families right from the beginning.

We understand that finding the best nanny is not just about qualifications and experience, but also about the right fit between the nanny and the family. That's why we prioritize finding the perfect nanny candidate for the nanny job who will align with your household culture. Whether you are hiring a night nanny or a full-time nanny, we ensure a compatible match, ensuring a harmonious relationship between the nanny and the family. Our agency takes the time to understand your family's unique childcare needs, ensuring that the nanny job candidates we present are the best fit for your family.


Every family is different and when it comes to the childcare, parents often has a specific picture in mind about their future nanny role. We will encourage you to communicate with us your preference to let us help you to hire a nanny that perfect match for you and your little one. 


Nanny can be engaged full time or part time, private nanny or live in nanny, temporary nanny or holiday nanny, there is often a requirement for

flexibility, travelling with the family, educational background and previous experiences.


The primary goal of a nanny is to provide quality care for your children. 

The specific responsibilities nannying job may vary depending on your needs but generally include: 

- providing safe and nurturing environment for the children, 

- assisting with morning and bedtime routines, 

- engaging the children in stimulation age-appropriate activities and play

- monitoring child's milestone progress and communicating effectively with the parents regarding      the children's development, need and any concerns, 

- transporting the children to and from school, appointments and activities,

- doing light housekeeping of children-related space and items

- administering medication, if necessary


The role of nanny can be further personalized depending on your needs.  We help our clients to find the perfect nanny suitable for the nannying jobs in London, UK.

If you have a dog and need regular care, a nanny with dog experience and love for animals will be the right choice for the nannying job.

For more information about nanny recruitment and nannying jobs in London, UK please get in touch. We will love to hear from you. 

Ready to experience seamless nanny hiring process? Contact us now to hire your perfect nanny.
Email us at or call us at 0208 087 3609. Your perfect nanny match for the nanny job is just a message away!

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Maternity nanny, also known as baby nurse or newborn care specialist is a highly trained professional who provides specialized care for newborns and their mothers in the first few months after birth.


The primary role of a maternity nanny is to assist new parents in the daily care and management of their newborn, including feeding, bathing, changing diapers, and soothing. We provide maternity nanny jobs in London to the nannies usually come from a solid nanny or nursing/midwifery background before deciding to specialize in maternity nursing. They are typically certified in infant CPR or first aid as well as other training in areas such as lactation consulting, sleep training, or postpartum doula support. 


As this new chapter is sometimes difficult to deal with, maternity nanny provides smooth introduction to new parents and their new baby into family life. Maternity nanny also provides peace of mind to parents who may be experiencing sleep deprivation or struggling with other challenges related to newborn care. 

Maternity nanny typically works in the family's home, and may live-in or live out, depending on the arrangement. 

New parents often seek for 24/5 or 24/6 live-in role for the first few weeks to establish and sink into set routine, however the choice can be personalized and depends on the parent's needs.  

For more information about maternity nanny jobs recruitment in London, please get in touch. We will love to hear from you. 

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Ela L.

I would highly recommend Tailored Staff. We needed a nanny for our 2 kids when we relocated and reached out to them. Kate took us on board from the very beginning, and the level of professionalism combined with a personal approach was exceptional. Kate invested time to understand our needs and specific preferences. Upon presenting the candidates, we felt she had truly found the perfect match for us and we now have a nanny we're very happy with!
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Initial Consultation 

Finding the right nanny is not just about qualifications, but also about compatibility with your family. We as an one of the best nanny agencies in London understands the importance of a harmonious fit, and we take the time to ensure the compatibility of the nanny with the family. We consider your family's unique childcare needs and find the perfect nanny job candidates in London who will create a nurturing environment for your children. Our nanny job agency focuses on the whole process, from recruitment to payroll, ensuring the best candidates who are compatible with the family's needs.

At our nanny job recruitment agency in London, we have a thorough hiring process to ensure the best candidates for nanny job roles. We prioritize the safety of your children, which is why we conduct a thorough DBS check for all our candidates. Our agency also ensures the professionalism of the nannies we hire, with extensive qualifications and background checks. We manage the whole process of recruitment, following with payroll and employment advice, providing a seamless experience for families. When you hire a nanny through our agency, you can trust that they have gone through a meticulous recruitment process for the nanny job, ensuring the best childcare solution for your family.

We take an utmost care to understand what exactly you expect from an ideal Nanny and Maternity Nanny.

This initial consultation, ideally done with the parents or someone close who can share an accurate picture, will establish our way forward by specifying:

- Nanny job requirements and duties

- conditions such as standard working days and hours, live-in/live-out position, whether any travel be requested   

- environments such as staff coordination, accommodation 

We understand the candidate will need to fit into the principal's lifestyle therefore we offer only candidates who are searching nanny jobs in London and which we think are highly suitable to match the ideal profile.

At this stage we can clarify as many questions as you might have, and assist you in determining a budget for the position.


We will take all information on board, consult internally to establish the targeted pool of candidates and carry out a punctilious search amongst our networks to deliver shortlist of exceptional candidates for the nanny jobs.

Prior to candidate introduction to you, we will have conducted an extensive interview in order to get to know the candidates personally. Our focus is on skill assessment, educational and professional background, experiences and achievements, however we also like to dig deeper into motivation, long term goals and what added value the candidate offers. 

We take time to get to know the Nanny job candidate's character and values to establish whether the match can fit. 

All references are taken up during this stage.

Nanny Acreditations we look for:

  • CACHE Diploma for Childcare and Education

  • Edexcel BTEC National Certificate

  • LCCIEB/NVQ/SVQ in Early Years Care and Education

  • Advanced Modern Apprenticeship in Early Years Care and Education

  • CACHE Diploma in Early Years Practice

  • NVQ Certificate in Work with Children APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experience and Learning)

  • The Chiltern College Certificate

  • Norland College Diploma

  • The Princess Christian College

  • Montessori / Reggio Emilia qualified nanny

MATERNITY Nanny Acreditations we look for:

  • OCN Postnatal Maternity Nurse Care Award, Level 3 and 4

  • OCN Breastfeeding Skill, including infant nutrition

  • OCN Babycare

  • Postnatal Depression (PND) Course

  • First Aid

  • Advanced Health Emergency Training

  • Paediatric Nurse Diploma

  • Nurse Diploma


Our aim is to save your time going trough extensive number of CV's and Resumes with no result.

We will deliver highly sift through candidates to meet your unique needs for the nanny job, where you will have the possibility for an interview by phone or in person. You will be able to share your expectations for the position, core values as well as rules for the staff in order to fit successfully into the role. 

Once the interview process was successful, we recommend to introduce a trial day / trial session.

Trial day is a great way for families to assess whether the nanny is a good fit for their household and the children's needs. 

(*Please note Maternity Nannies usually don't conduct a Trial Day)

All candidates must sign non disclosure agreement upon joining our agency and they are not told the client's details until they are invited for an interview / a trial day. 

After successful completion of either solely an interview or an interview and a trial day, we will navigating you through the offer and contract phase.

Please enquire about hiring a Nanny / Maternity Nanny by sending us an email to

  • What Can I Expect from a personal chef?
    In general private chef takes care of cooking, cleaning & maintaining the kitchen, grocery shopping and making sure the kitchen is well stocked. It depends on your preferences or the household set up whether to entrust the chef with full kitchen budgeting, or working together with house manager or a head housekeeper, and the amount of duties and responsibilities can be personalized. It's important to distinguish whether you look for a chef per se or prefer to be more involved in the kitchen with cook or cook-housekeeper.
  • Should I hire Private Chef or Housekeeper-Cook?
    1. How Should I Decide Which Private Staff to Hire? When considering hiring private staff, begin by evaluating your budget. Based on your budget, you can then determine the type of staff to hire. As a private chef agency based in London, Tailored Staff offers various roles, including senior personal chefs, cooks, junior cooks, or a mixed role like housekeeper-cook. Next, consider your specific requirements, such as lifestyle, desired culinary expertise, availability, communication style, and overall suitability for your household and family. 2. Private Chef Services: Hire a Culinary Expert Looking to elevate your dining experience at home? Hire a private chef in London through Tailored Staff. Our private chefs are dedicated professionals who craft bespoke menus tailored to your dietary preferences, nutritional needs, and culinary desires. Whether you're a busy professional, a family with specific dietary requirements, or someone seeking a gourmet dining experience at home, our private chef will transform every meal into a delightful and unique culinary journey. 3. Housekeeper-Cook Services: Effortless Meals, Impeccable Home For those seeking a seamless blend of culinary expertise and household management, our housekeeper-cook services are the perfect solution. Our housekeeper-cooks excel not only in crafting delicious and healthy meals but also in managing various household tasks. From grocery shopping to meal preparation and light cleaning, they ensure your home runs smoothly, allowing you to savor freshly prepared meals tailored to your taste while maintaining an impeccable living space. Optimize Your Culinary Experience with Tailored Staff At Tailored Staff, we're committed to matching you with the perfect private staff to enhance your culinary journey. Explore our various service options, and let us help you find the ideal private chef or housekeeper-cook to meet your unique needs and elevate your dining experience.
  • What qualifications should I look for?
    Almost every chef comes with certain educational background. There are many renowned culinary school that deliver great chefs like or and if you're aiming for top notch chef, they will most likely have a certificate from a prestigious culinary school. Expertise is another key factor. Every chef, depending on their level, will have certain areas of expertise. It's important to take on board what type of cuisine they excel in and whether that corresponds with your taste buds. As an example we can take French cuisine, Italian, Asian or American. You will also need to take into account experiences. Most senior chefs come with years of experience in both restaurant and private settings, however junior can lack one or another. It depends which level you are looking for and match the expected experiences with every candidate. You can check out Instagram for inspiration as most chef have their own to showcase their passion.,,
  • How much does a private chef cost for full-time hiring?
    How much you pay for a full-time private chef varies. Private chef salary depends on their education, training, experience, where you live and also your lifestyle and what you need. We will walk you through understanding the cost factors.
  • What is the best way to find a qualified private chef?
    The easiest way to find a great private chef is to work with our agency. We specialize in connecting you with skilled and highly-trained experts who perfectly align with your preferences. We carefully check and choose new chefs by looking at their background, skills, and references. This way, you're getting the best match when you hire with us.
  • How long does it take to hire a kitchen staff?
    Finding private chef by yourself can be time consuming and slow. But teaming up with us makes it faster. We'll meet your time needs and show you good candidates quickly. We will find the perfect private near you. Making you happy with your food is what matters to us most.
  • What's the top private chef hire agency London?
    Top private chef agencies in London UK typically focus on event hire chefs or caterings, but Tailored Staff is unique. We specialize in matching full-time, permanent positions with skilled private chefs who truly understand your needs and preferences. Count on us, we've got the expertise!
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