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Hire A Housekeeper

Hiring a housekeeper can be a perfect solution to maintaining your home cleaned and organized, especially for busy individuals and families. But the cliche of socioeconomic coding behind having a private housekeeper is long over. You might just dislike cleaning and that's OK! To hire a great housekeeper, however, can sometimes feel like a difficult and time consuming task. That's where professional housekeeping agency like like Tailored Staff comes in.

Understanding the role of a housekeeper

A housekeeper plays a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness and organization of a household. Their responsibilities include thorough house cleaning, regular change of bed linens and towels, laundry and wardrobe organization, ensuring an adequate supply of cleaning materials, and effective communication with management and other domestic staff.

Whether it's ensuring the smooth operation of a large estate or giving a helping hand with childcare, a professional housekeeper can bring a high level of experience and an added value to every private households.

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Duties and Responsibilities of a Housekeeper

Housekeepers have a wide range of duties and responsibilities to ensure a clean and organized home.


Some of these duties include:

  • Cleaning and organizing all areas of the household, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, polishing and maintaining high standard overall

  • Taking care of laundry, including washing, ironing and wardrobe organisation

  • Changing bed linens, towels & scheduling dry-cleaning on regular basis

  • Managing household supplies, such as cleaning products & toiletries

  • Keeping track of cleaning schedules and ensuring all cleaning tasks are completed in a timely manner; this can include in detail spring cleaning and organisation or regular clean of appliances such as washing machine and kitchen appliances.

  • Sorting out waste, recycling and disposing of rubbish on regular basis.

  • Meal preparation and grocery shopping can be part of the schedule, depending on the household needs and prior agreement.

  • Ad-hoc childcare duties, again depending on the principal's needs and prior agreement.

While hiring a housekeeper, housekeeper job description should be thought about and planned in depth depending on your household & family needs. It can be further tailored to your specific requirements, apart from mainstream duties, covering different roles as well. For instance, if you have a dog and require regular pet care, selecting a housekeeper with experience and a fondness for animals would be the ideal choice.

If you are wondering how to find a housekeeper in London and whether a professional housekeeper can save you tons of precious time, have a look at this article from Independent. The simple answer is Yes it can! We Tailored Staff as a housekeeper agency in London will help you to find a housekeeper. 

Contact us if you have any questions or simply need a guidance, we are always happy to hear from you and answer any questions you might have. 

Required Skills and Qualities in a Housekeeper

A housekeeper is an essential part of private household management and luxury services. They should possess excellent cleaning skills, making them a very useful tool for maintaining the highest standard of your home.

This includes knowledge of different cleaning techniques, attention to detail, and effective time management and organizational skills. Additionally, trustworthiness and the ability to handle sensitive information with confidentiality are crucial qualities. They are expected to communicate effectively with management and other household staff, reporting any maintenance or repairs needed.

When looking for hiring the best housekeepers, you should also consider their previous employment and training, whether they worked for a cleaning company and wish to transfer to domestic sector or they already created part of perfect household staff in the past.

What qualifications to look for in candidate

If you want to hire a regular housekeeper, there are certain qualifications to look for to ensure a reliable and professional candidate. Consider the following qualifications:

  1. Prior experience in cleaning and household chores to ensure a good level of cleaning skills.

  2. Good communication skills to ensure a clear understanding of your household's expectations.

  3. References and background check to verify a candidate's reliability and professionalism.

  4. Safety and hygiene training to ensure a high level of cleanliness and household management skills.

Types of professional housekeepers

There are different alterations to the standard role, available to suit your specific needs. For those who require full time support in managing household tasks, live-in housekeepers provide round-the-clock assistance. If you don't need the full-time support, part-time ones are a great option. Additionally some specialize in housekeeping duties solely, while others may also possess additional skills such as cooking, ultimately branded as a housekeeper cook or childcare experience which can classify them as a housekeeper nanny.

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Kate Cerna, CEO and Founder of Tailored Staff | Professional in terms "

At Tailored Staff, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in the domestic staffing industry. Our founder, Kate, brings over 10 years of professional experience in the field, making her a seasoned expert in housekeeper recruitment. With a background in Economics and Business Management, Kate has put together a team of like-minded professionals who share her passion for connecting high-caliber candidates with outstanding opportunities.

Our team is dedicated to transforming the way recruitment is done, ensuring that we find you to hire the right housekeeper for your unique needs.

With Kate's wealth of experience and our team's dedication, we stand out as a top choice when you want are hiring housekeeping staff.

Why Tailored Staff if you want to hire housekeeping staff?

Time is the essence and we take that to treat every search with top importance. 



At Tailored Staff, we proudly extend our services across London, the entire UK, and offer on-demand international placements, including services for private yachts.

We believe that having a physical office in central London is not a prerequisite for providing exceptional service to our clients and candidates. At Tailored Staff, we have opted for a fully remote service model, allowing us to efficiently serve our clients.

Meetings are arranged to suit our clients' convenience, and we ensure coverage of London and the surrounding areas through in-person interactions as needed.

We get to know every candidate on personal level, not only following the few lines in their CV, which doesn't say much about their personality. That truly sets up apart. We also communicate with you through the entire process to ensure a stress-free experience.


Our experience and expertise in the industry

At Tailored Staff, we bring over 10 years of expertise in the recruitment industry. We understand the department and skills required for the roles and having served high-end clients and luxury households, we possess a vast know-how on how to hire a perfect housekeeper candidate for each household.


Our commitment to finding the right fit for your needs

At London's top housekeeping department recruiters, we know finding the best match is really important for you. We take on board your life-style, requirements and unique needs that are to be met by professional private staff. It's not only the training and expertise, it's also the personality that needs to match into your set up.

Discover why Tailored Staff is one of the best housekeeper recruitment agencies to fulfill your housekeeper needs. Contact us today to get started on finding the perfect match for your household.

Client Testimonials 

Holly W.

"Working with Kate has been an absolute delight! I was searching for to hire a housekeeper who could be flexible with duties and hours due to frequent travels abroad. I was getting hopeless until Tailored Staff has been recommended to me and had a conversation with Kate.
She took all my preferences on board and clearly considered them while presenting suitable candidates. Now, we have a fantastic housekeeper we can rely on!"
  • What Can I Expect from a personal chef?
    In general private chef takes care of cooking, cleaning & maintaining the kitchen, grocery shopping and making sure the kitchen is well stocked. It depends on your preferences or the household set up whether to entrust the chef with full kitchen budgeting, or working together with house manager or a head housekeeper, and the amount of duties and responsibilities can be personalized. It's important to distinguish whether you look for a chef per se or prefer to be more involved in the kitchen with cook or cook-housekeeper.
  • Should I hire Private Chef or Housekeeper-Cook?
    1. How Should I Decide Which Private Staff to Hire? When considering hiring private staff, begin by evaluating your budget. Based on your budget, you can then determine the type of staff to hire. As a private chef agency based in London, Tailored Staff offers various roles, including senior personal chefs, cooks, junior cooks, or a mixed role like housekeeper-cook. Next, consider your specific requirements, such as lifestyle, desired culinary expertise, availability, communication style, and overall suitability for your household and family. 2. Private Chef Services: Hire a Culinary Expert Looking to elevate your dining experience at home? Hire a private chef in London through Tailored Staff. Our private chefs are dedicated professionals who craft bespoke menus tailored to your dietary preferences, nutritional needs, and culinary desires. Whether you're a busy professional, a family with specific dietary requirements, or someone seeking a gourmet dining experience at home, our private chef will transform every meal into a delightful and unique culinary journey. 3. Housekeeper-Cook Services: Effortless Meals, Impeccable Home For those seeking a seamless blend of culinary expertise and household management, our housekeeper-cook services are the perfect solution. Our housekeeper-cooks excel not only in crafting delicious and healthy meals but also in managing various household tasks. From grocery shopping to meal preparation and light cleaning, they ensure your home runs smoothly, allowing you to savor freshly prepared meals tailored to your taste while maintaining an impeccable living space. Optimize Your Culinary Experience with Tailored Staff At Tailored Staff, we're committed to matching you with the perfect private staff to enhance your culinary journey. Explore our various service options, and let us help you find the ideal private chef or housekeeper-cook to meet your unique needs and elevate your dining experience.
  • What qualifications should I look for?
    Almost every chef comes with certain educational background. There are many renowned culinary school that deliver great chefs like or and if you're aiming for top notch chef, they will most likely have a certificate from a prestigious culinary school. Expertise is another key factor. Every chef, depending on their level, will have certain areas of expertise. It's important to take on board what type of cuisine they excel in and whether that corresponds with your taste buds. As an example we can take French cuisine, Italian, Asian or American. You will also need to take into account experiences. Most senior chefs come with years of experience in both restaurant and private settings, however junior can lack one or another. It depends which level you are looking for and match the expected experiences with every candidate. You can check out Instagram for inspiration as most chef have their own to showcase their passion.,,
  • How much does a private chef cost for full-time hiring?
    How much you pay for a full-time private chef varies. Private chef salary depends on their education, training, experience, where you live and also your lifestyle and what you need. We will walk you through understanding the cost factors.
  • What is the best way to find a qualified private chef?
    The easiest way to find a great private chef is to work with our agency. We specialize in connecting you with skilled and highly-trained experts who perfectly align with your preferences. We carefully check and choose new chefs by looking at their background, skills, and references. This way, you're getting the best match when you hire with us.
  • How long does it take to hire a kitchen staff?
    Finding private chef by yourself can be time consuming and slow. But teaming up with us makes it faster. We'll meet your time needs and show you good candidates quickly. We will find the perfect private near you. Making you happy with your food is what matters to us most.
  • What's the top private chef hire agency London?
    Top private chef agencies in London UK typically focus on event hire chefs or caterings, but Tailored Staff is unique. We specialize in matching full-time, permanent positions with skilled private chefs who truly understand your needs and preferences. Count on us, we've got the expertise!

Check out our Blog for more valuable insights. We have created a category dedicated to our Clients i.e. Employers. From guidance on how to conduct a successful interview, through tips about keeping your staff and you happy, to strategies for creating a positive workplace culture, our blog offers a wealth of information tailored to our valued employers. We understand that managing a team and ensuring a thriving work environment can be challenging, but we're here to support you every step of the way.

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OUR Rigorous Housekeeper Hiring Process

At Tailored Staff, we pride ourselves on the meticulous selection and screening process we employ to find the perfect housekeeper candidates for our clients. Our goal is to find a housekeeper living in London for you who not only excel in their job but also align with your specific needs and preferences.

Initial Consultation 

Understanding Your Unique Needs

We begin housekeeping hiring by conducting a thorough initial consultation with you. This is a crucial step where we seek to understand your requirements, lifestyle, preferences, preferred schedule, and any other essential elements. This in-depth understanding forms the basis for our candidate search.

Job Requirements and Preferences Assessment

After gaining a thorough understanding of your specific requirements, we evaluate the essential job criteria for your housekeeper. This includes factors such as your unique preferences, whole household set up, scheduling, budget, coordination needs with other household staff and personal elements to look for. We take great care in considering every detail you share, ensuring a tailored approach to our candidate sourcing process.

Candidate Sourcing and Extensive Network

Our team leverages our extensive network and experience in the industry to source a targeted pool of candidates. We meticulously search for individuals who align with your criteria, including proven skills, experience, personality, and work ethic.

Comprehensive Candidate Interviews

Before presenting candidates to you, we conduct extensive interviews with each candidate. Our focus is on skill assessment, educational and professional background, experiences, achievements, and any specialized expertise they may possess. Additionally, we like to dig deeper into their motivations, long-term goals, and values to ensure a strong match with your requirements.

Skill Assessment and References

We thoroughly assess their skills and expertise through practical assessments and skill demonstrations. Furthermore, we contact and verify their references to ensure they have a proven track record of delivering exceptional culinary experiences.

Client Interview

Once we shortlist candidates, we recommend you conduct interviews, either by phone or preferably in person. During these interviews, you can discuss your expectations, core values, and specific rules for staff. We highly recommend a trial day, allowing you to experience the candidate's capabilities firsthand and establish a strong working relationship.

Contract Phase and Successful Placement

After you've chosen a housekeeper to hire, we guide you through the offer and contract phase, ensuring a smooth transition and successful placement.

Please enquire about hiring Housekeeping Staff by sending us an email to

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