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7 Rules of How to Keep Household Staff (&You) Happy

Retaining household staff is important for maintaining a stable and harmonious environment. Especially when it comes to your home, personal space and aspect of life, effort should be put into minimising staff turnover.

We've put together essential strategies to help you keep your staff motivated and satisfied.

These strategies encompass a holistic approach, addressing various aspects of employee motivation and satisfaction - from fostering a positive work culture to implementing effective communication channels.

Dive into our guide to find out how to create an environment where your staff can thrive!

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Rule nr1 - Offer Competitive Compensation

Ensure that the compensation and benefit package offered to your staff is competitive within the industry. Carry out regular salary reviews to ensure their compensation remains within the market rates and additionally, consider offering extra perks such as healthcare benefits or performance-based bonuses.

Rule nr2 - Clear Communication

Keeping open and transparent way of communication is as essential as their remuneration. Regularly provide feedback on their performance, acknowledge their contributions, and address any concerns either party might have. Encourage open-door policy where they feel comfortable discussing work-related matters. Don’t be afraid to provide constructive criticism, it will directly serve both parties, ensuring smooth work condition and maintaining positive working atmosphere.

Rule nr3 - Training and Professional Development

Invest in an ongoing training and professional development of your staff. Offer opportunities for them to enhance their skills, attend workshops and seminars, or participate in relevant industry training programes. This shows you value their growth and are interested in their career progression. In exchange you will get better qualified and trained staff.

Rule nr4 - Work-Life Balance

Ensuring your staff keeps work-life balance is one of the biggest signs of good employer. Strive to create healthy work-life balance for your staff, ensure they have reasonable working hours and time off to recharge. Respect their personal time and avoid excessive demands or last-minute schedule changes wherever possible.

Balancing Balls

Rule nr5 - Personal and Professional Support

Simply show you care. Be attentive to your staff’s personal and professional needs and offer support whenever possible. This can include providing access to counselling services and assisting with personal matters.

Also consider organising periodical events and team buildings to show appreciation towards your team and to encourage positive and enjoyable work environment.

Rule nr6 - Respect and Trust

Treat your staff members with respect and trust. Trust them to perform their duties and empower them to make decisions within their scope of work. Respecting their professionalism and expertise enhances their job satisfactory and loyalty.

Rule nr7 - Replace Staff When Necessary

Sometimes you hire person who initially meets all your expectations. As training goes on, you find out their way of work is not acceptable for you no matter how much effort you’ve put into the training. It is perfectly adequate to let them go.

Provide them with constructive feedback so they can learn and professionally grow from the experience and can use it in the future.


Remember each member of your household staff is unique, and their preferences and motivations may vary. Take time to understand their individual needs, drives and concerns, and tailor your approach accordingly. Building strong relationships based on trust, respect, and support is key to retaining happy household staff in the long term.

Learn how to keep your staff and yourself happy - Embrace these rules as guiding principles and together, let's create a harmonious home and work place.

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